Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost Time!!

There are about 27 days left until my life in America collides with my new life in Haiti. It is a bittersweet reality, though more sweet than bitter. I have been completely overwhelmed by the work of the Lord through His people during my preparation process. He has moved in the hearts of His children. He has allowed them to believe in what He is calling me to do this year, and they have responded with gracious, encouraging, and sacrificial hearts. My needs have been and are continuing to be met.
There are some people who do not and sadly may never understand why I am moving forward in what I believe to be obedience to my God, but... that is to be expected. Even more so than those who have been slightly discouraging at times, my sustainer and the lifter of my head has placed many many many others in my path to cheer me on.
God's provisions have been more than enough. He has given me my daily bread and then some. Though I realize there will come a time soon enough that He will give me my daily bread and my daily bread alone, I now know that I know that I know He has gone before me and my days in Haiti are in the palm of His hand.
God has captured my heart over and over and over again as He has cared for, protected, unconditionally loved, sustained, strengthened, and challenged me. He pacifies me with his kindness, and His compassion has led me to this point. He is faithfully teaching and guiding me. Thank God for knowing His plans for me.
Past what all has been said here, I am really not sure what else to write. My blog posts will become even more personal from this point on.

Oh yeah, during my recent trip to Haiti (I traveled down in June to finalize some details and bring a few of my personal belongings) there are a few interesting things that occurred. I...
- lost my luggage for three days and had to wear one of the little girl's clothes, even God has a sense of humor sometimes when it comes to meeting our needs
-helped deliver a sweet baby girl and we named her Kaiya Hope, possibly the coolest experience ever
-experienced the reality of parents not wanting anything to do with their own child
-saw parents come back and take their child from the orphanage, one of the worst experiences

Since that trip down to the orphanage in June my sister had her little girl. She was born on July 3 and she is probably the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Her name is Eden Grace.

The end. Pray for me.