Friday, September 23, 2011

They learn. I learn.

From the first day of class to today, I have seen every child improve in the classroom. Whether it is with counting, letter recognition, grammar, reading, behavior, or even eye contact, the children have grown. I am not sure why God has allowed me to see such growth already, but He has. For that I am thankful.
Some days I wake up and feel like a teacher. I can't wait to get into the classroom and begin working with the children. Then, other days I feel like doing anything but that- teaching.
When I was in college learning to become a teacher, my professor told us if we ever wake up one morning and dread going to teach, then we should choose another profession. After being a teacher for a little over a year now, I have to disagree with that. On my "feel-like-being-a-teacher" days, I know I was designed for this.
On my "be-anything-but-a-teacher" days, I can't help but feel human. And in my humanity, I am reminded of just how much better He is at everything. Including teaching.
Seeing how much the kids have grown within the past three weeks makes me proud. Not of myself, but of them. Each child has his/her own unique gifts. They choose to use them and do well or give up.
With their quirks and antics, they keep me laughing- even when I am on the verge of throwing in the towel for the day. As you may have gathered by now, I am an extremely weak individual.
Even drained and annoyed by the kids at times, they are also the very same blessings used to restore me.
God Himself, uses them to renew me.
I want more than anything to explain the love and passion within my soul for God alone.
Who am I for Him to be mindful of? And yet, He is. Every time someone tells me the Lord reminded him/her to pray for me, I am overwhelmed. The Lord puts me, Laura, on my brothers' and sisters' hearts. Through their prayers, or I guess I could say your prayers, the Lord moves and works.
He walks with me daily, and in a country like Haiti, there is nothing more that I want or need.
He has grown me in so many ways, and I pray this is only the beginning. The Lord has used the people in Haiti to  teach me so many things. He has used the people back home to show me so many things. Through His word, He has revealed to me new and powerful things. In my soul, He is nurturing and healing and speaking and quenching and empowering. My mind is too finite to comprehend it all.
For now, I sit. I listen. I seek. I crave more of Him. Where He leads, I follow. What He reveals, I treasure. What He takes away, I give freely. What He gives, I return in praise. I am His and He is mine.
Pray with me. May all His children desire Him and nothing more. May we devote every waking minute to His heart and plan. May we overcome the schemes of the enemy and pursue righteousness. May we meet together and encourage one another daily. May we pray and intercede on one another's behalf. May we love to the point of tears, and regret nothing.

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  1. I see no weakness in you! I see a beautiful human with a heart bigger than her body can hold inside it. I see love, i see determination, i see Christ. I will be coming to meet you and help in any way that is needed the first week of December! I can not wait to meet you- to feel your passion for what you have been called to do first hand. And if God wills it, i will be doing more than just visit...prayerfully, and now actively considering!!!