Monday, November 7, 2011

Madam's Monday- Esther Louis

Esther Louis is a madam here at OLTCH. She works in the toddler room and cares for them day and night. In the short time she has been with us, she has done an awesome job. Caring for one toddler is a handful. Caring for 13 is an even bigger task, yet she handles it with grace and laughter. I can't wait for you to read her story. Enjoy!!!

"Hello and good evening! My name is Louis Esther and I am from Port au Prince, Haiti. I have 25 years. When I was a little girl I lived with my mom, sister, and 2 brothers. My dad left us for his new girlfriend, and Momma raised us all. Me and my sister and brothers went to school, and Momma paid for us to do that. Momma left us when I was 16. She went to the United States. My dad gave us money to live. 
The people found her without her papers and they put her in jail. She asked to come back in Haiti and they let her come. When she came back, my dad said he would take my brothers. Me and my sister stayed with Momma. She took us to live outside of the city and we stayed there 3 months. My family helped us. 
We came back to Port au Prince. I tried to live with my dad, but he didn't want me. I stayed with my mother. Whenever I needed something I just asked my mother. 
I met a boy and loved him. I knew him for one year. We had a baby boy. When our son had three months, he got sick in his stomach. My boyfriend took care of him. We fell out of love. 
My son died when he had one year. I have a photo of me when I was pregnant with him.

It hurt so much when he died. I cried so much and wanted to die. My mom did not want me after he died because I was so sad and I wanted to do bad stuff. I went to my cousin to get help. I miss my mom so much.
I started working at Bizonton taking care of one baby. The baby had two years. I worked there for two months and then left because the girl's mom was not nice. 
I started taking care of a child at Brois-Verna. He had 5 years. I made sure he go to school and I washed his clothes. I slept at my aunt's house. I worked there for 4 months. 
I did not have a job after that and my aunt helped me.
A friend of mine knew Momma Greg (Jasmine). Her baby lives here at OLTCH. When Momma Greg needed my friend, she called my phone. I would come with my friend to the orphanage. One time I come with her and I asked Momma Greg if she could give me a job. She said yes and I have been here for 2 months. 
I am very tired working here. It is hard and there are many kids. I like to work here.
I love Haiti so much because it is my country. It is all I know. All of my family is here in Haiti. This is my home, but it is hard to live here.
At OLTCH, I love everyone. They are my family. Laura and Momma Greg and Poppa Greg I love so much. All the Haitian women I love. I love all the children.
I want to make God happy with my life and I want to have a nice life.
Thank you all for reading my story. I love Jesus and I want you to pray for me. Nice talking to you!"


  1. much love to you miss ester louis!
    Your story is so inspiring! Much love and prayers to you. May God bless you and fill you as you continue to love all of those babies. God is good:]
    -Kierstin Gier

  2. I met Esther when we went to court. She is a friend of Josiah's mom! So great to see her story! Her smile made me so much more comfortable in my differnet surroundings the day we went to court :)
    ~Jillian Wagner