Monday, January 23, 2012


My life in Haiti has been such an incredible journey. God has been teaching me so much and while I have been wanting to post lately to update my readers and friends, I have been too busy living life to record it. Today, I have set aside special time to update my blog and to post this post because I believe you deserve it. You who have read my posts and responded to them in ways you felt led have been an incredible tool in this season of my life. Your prayers, encouragement and support are vital for me. This ministry won't happen without you. So before I go any further, PLEASE know how grateful I am for every single one of you. Even those of you who stumbled upon this blog and read it every now and then. Thank you for letting me share my life with you.
Okay now for the update:
I traveled home over Christmas break and spent 2 wonderful weeks with my family and some friends. I didn't get a chance to see everyone I wanted to, but I am okay with that because I know a time will come when our paths will intentionally cross and we can once again spend sweet time together! Being home was incredibly soothing and I was able to come back to Haiti refreshed and encouraged. 
I was back in time to welcome the new year with everyone at the orphanage. This was completed by waking the children up for popcorn, music, balloons and candy about 45 minutes before 12:00am. This was our second year to do this and we've decided it is now our tradition! 

Our English classes started back a week after my return. The kiddos seemed to have forgotten practically everything they had been taught since August and I was more than discouraged. Am I really THIS bad of a teacher? For a short couple of days, I believed yes. Since then, however, I have come to believe the Lord is using my classroom as an opportunity  for me to be more patient, more creative, more repetitive and more understanding. These kids come from situations where they missed out on stimulation at an early age, proper nutrition and almost any form of love. How can I expect them to achieve academically the way I would many traditional students in the states? I use the word traditional here because there are many other children in the states who have lacked the proper care at an early age as well and have similar struggles in school.
So no, I am not a terrible teacher. I just have a very special group of students I am working with here.
Also, OLTCH will be gaining another teacher for this special group of children next school year. Her name is Jordan Ivey and she, with her soon to be husband, are moving here in August 2012. I will be partnering with her in the classroom and I am looking forward to having her here! Praise God for His obedient children!
The Lord is teaching me even more in addition to how to teach with more compassion. He is showing me what it means to live my life concerned with His thoughts toward me and what I am doing instead of everyone else's.
The work God is doing here and what He is specifically entrusting me with has recently grown and will continue growing. I cannot wait to share this part of my life with you too, but for now just know God continues to call His children to do things that don't always logically make sense. Actually, most of the time what He calls us to do never makes sense for our human understanding. My schedule has become even more crowded lately and I am learning how to manage my time. I have had to omit things from my "to-do-list" and replace them with new responsibilities. While I feel like life is out of control and nothing can be efficiently handled by me because there is so much to do, God is teaching me to live with NO expectations. No expectations for myself, my students, my friends or my family members and to only wake up every morning expecting Him. Oh, how I am learning to expect God and oh, how He shows up! God is holding my hand and carrying me along this sometimes weary path. He is giving me His joy and peace. When I forget, and so many times I do, He picks up my chin and pulls my face toward His once more. My gaze once again meets His as I draw closer to His heart. Looking straight forward. No distractions.
He is our prize, and victory over this finite life and the powers of darkness are His. Glory and praise shall forever be His and I am thankful to be a part of a winning team.
Though I have such a long way to go and am only just beginning, it is nice to know that our God's focus and attention is on His children and He will not let one of them fall.

From the words of Bethany Dillon: "Teach me how to hum it, because I don't know the words yet."


  1. I love what you said about living with no expectations. I get caught up in expectations for myself and others all the time. I love reading these posts. I'm just in awe of how God is using you. You encourage me more than you know. I love you and miss you so much!!

  2. Thank you for posting these. I am thankful to God that He has gripped your heart so much as to lead you to joyful obedience to Haiti.
    I know you are confident that this is where He wants you now. I know it must be easy to see (and rejoice in) His call when days are good, the classroom quiets down, or when you get to hold a child sleeping.
    But I can only imagine what you feel on the days that are tough. When the schedule is chaotic, you miss home, or you aren't able to see physical results that you labor for.
    I know you know this already, but as a way of reminder, be confident that there is no place better for you to be than in our Father's will. It is the eye of the storm and the only true peace we will ever know. It is only in His will that we find Him the most intimately present, so present that you literally have a taste of eternity on earth.
    When you find your mind wandering never forget that there is no better place for you to be than with Him and enjoying His presence. (even on the days that seem impossible) There is no comparison.
    The world leaves me empty, and I am bitterly reminded of it every time I put even a ounce of hope in it. But You are a daughter of the Most High and He has crowned you with jewels, honor, and love. I am awakened daily to my ugliness of heart, but I find my hope in Him, my advocate and righteousness. And because of Him, we have the privilege to be called by His name and share of His message with the world that is His.
    I am praying for you and do not grow weary in doing good! Streghthen what is weak so it will not be put out of joint. He will strengthen you and will enable you to do just what it is that He wants you to do. You will be lifted up in due time and will be with Your reward forever. Press on :)