Friday, January 27, 2012

Sight Words and Bible Verses

Today I individually tested each child on their sight words and bible verse for the week. The older group received a sticker on their reward chart if they could identify and read ALL of their class's sight words for the week. They got a second sticker if they could say/read their bible verse without my help. 
The younger students received a sticker on their chart if they could say their bible verse. Most of these kids needed me to do our class-created hand motions for them to remember the words, but they were able to say it on their own. 
I am so pleased and encouraged by how the children did. They were so excited to show me they knew their words and bible verse that they couldn't help but giggle as I called each of them to come into the classroom to test.

Majority of the older students were able to choose and put TWO stickers on their charts because they knew their words AND bible verse! Most of the younger students were able to choose and place a sticker also for knowing their bible verse! (It takes us a little longer to know our sight words in our younger class so we will test much later). Their reward once they gain a full row of stickers??? MOVIE AND ICE CREAM NIGHT!!

I have tried uploading a video of all the children saying their bible verse (John 3:16) in Creole and then English, but the internet just would not allow it. Hopefully I can post it one day for you to see.
Next week we will begin with all new sight words and a different bible verse (Romans 8:28).
Pray for us as we continue learning and succeeding!!! 

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