Thursday, November 17, 2011

Madam's Monday- Carline Cineus

"Hello, my name is Carline and I have 26 years. When I was little, I lived with my mother. I do not know why my father did not help her. I think he did not want her. My mother had me and two other girls with my father. She had four kids from another man. My mother has seven children. She cared for us by herself. All of us but two live with her when we were little. I love my mother so much because after God she is who I love. My mother does not know Jesus. Before she dies, I want her to know Jesus. I want to help her know Jesus before she dies and I believe Jesus will bless me for that. 
All of my sisters and brothers are married and have children, but one of my sisters and I do not.
I used to have a boyfriend when I was 17. The reason we are not in love now is because I thought I was too young. We stopped dating and I have not had a boyfriend since.
When all of my mother's kids were little, all of us went to school. One of my sisters did not. She is sick in her head and can't learn. I almost finished school but then the earthquake came. I had to move and could not finish. I have one more grade and I will finish. I want to finish, but I do not know when I will. I need money to go to school and this is why I am working. I came to OLTCH because one of my friends is friends with Momma Greg. Momma Greg called her to ask if she knew a person to come work here. My friend called me and I came to OLTCH. In December I will be here for 9 months.

I like to work here and take care of the children. On Sunday mornings I teach the toddlers I take care of. The job here is really hard.
I am here at OLTCH, but I believe God is going to take me somewhere else. This work is not what I want to do and I pray God gives me another job. When I leave here, I want to finish high school and go to college. After that I want to be a nurse. 
I love Jesus so much because two times I almost died and He saved me. Jesus died for me and gave me life. 
Please pray for me. Pray everything I would like to be can happen. I love everyone here at OLTCH. I love the madams and the children. 
Thank you for reading about my life. If someone reads my story and has many problems, I want to tell you to believe in Jesus. I believe in Him and He can do everything for us. To everyone who reads this, I want to say good luck!"

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